The Perfect Asheville Bachelorette Party Guide for 2024

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Get Ready to Tie the Knot with a Bachelorette Party in Asheville!

Are you planning an unforgettable bachelorette party? Look no further than Asheville, a gem nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. With its lively downtown scene, stunning natural beauty, and a diverse range of activities, Asheville is the perfect destination for a bachelorette party that caters to everyone’s tastes. From craft beer to outdoor adventures, Asheville has it all. So let’s dive into how to create the perfect Asheville bachelorette party experience!

Arriving in Asheville

Getting to Asheville is a breeze, whether you choose to drive from nearby cities or fly into the conveniently located Asheville Regional Airport, just 15 miles away from downtown. As you approach this charming city, nestled near the French Broad River, you’ll be captivated by the breathtaking beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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The anticipation builds as you prepare to embark on an extraordinary bachelorette weekend in Asheville, a great destination known for its vibrant arts scene, delicious food, and great beer.

Once you’ve arrived in Asheville, it’s essential to plan ahead for transportation to make the most of your bachelorette weekend. Rideshares, taxis, and shuttles are excellent options for exploring the city, including the lively West Asheville neighborhood. With so many incredible experiences awaiting you, from Asheville Wellness to Asheville Wellness. Tours to brewery crawls, you’ll want to make every moment count.

As you navigate the bustling streets of downtown Asheville, take the time to familiarize yourself with the city’s layout, encompassing both the urban center and the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains. This local knowledge will come in handy as you embark on your Asheville bachelorette party adventure, ensuring a seamless, hassle-free experience for the bride-to-be and her besties.

Ideal Accommodations for Bachelorette Parties

Choosing the perfect accommodations for your Asheville bachelorette party is a crucial step in creating an unforgettable experience. Luckily, Asheville offers a wide variety of options to suit every taste, from trendy downtown stays to charming Biltmore Village retreats and scenic mountain getaways.

Let’s explore some of the top choices to ensure a comfortable, enjoyable stay for your bachelorette party.

Trendy Downtown Stays

Staying in downtown Asheville puts you right in the heart of the action, with easy access to top attractions, restaurants, and nightlife. The AC Hotel by Marriott Asheville Downtown is a fantastic option, featuring an amazing rooftop bar with stunning views of the city and mountains. Upstream Way, a luxury vacation rental property, offers breathtaking rooftop mountain views and relaxing hot tubs for the ultimate bachelorette party experience.

For a trendy, boutique-style stay, consider the Hotel Indigo or the Grand Bohemian Hotel Asheville, both conveniently located near the Biltmore Estate and offering easy access to Asheville’s craft cocktail scene. If you’re looking for something extra special, Hotel Indigo’s penthouse suite is perfect for bachelorette parties.

No matter which downtown stay you choose, you’ll be within walking distance of Asheville’s best restaurants and nightlife.

Charming Biltmore Village Retreats

omni grove park inn

For a luxurious stay near the famous Biltmore Estate, consider the Omni Grove Park Inn, located in the delightful Biltmore Village area. This historic neighborhood offers the perfect mix of quaint charm and upscale amenities, with easy access to the Biltmore Estate’s attractions, such as wine tastings and Antler Hill Village shopping. In Biltmore Village, you can also enjoy a meal at one of the many fantastic restaurants or grab lunch at a cozy café.

If you prefer a more intimate, bed and breakfast experience, the historic Montford neighborhood, just north of downtown Asheville, is home to charming options like the 1899 Wright Inn & Carriage House and the Abbington Green Bed & Breakfast Inn. These lovely lodgings offer the best of both worlds – luxury and cozy charm – while still conveniently located near the Biltmore Estate and Asheville’s lively downtown scene.

Scenic Mountain Getaways

For bachelorette parties seeking a more nature-focused experience, consider a scenic mountain getaway. Unique options like Dome & Tree House Glamping provide a memorable stay surrounded by the beauty of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The Omni Grove Park Inn, known for its retreat-style vibes and fantastic spa, is another great option for a wellness getaway tucked away in the hills outside Asheville.

Embrace the great outdoors with activities like yoga hikes, available through Asheville Wellness Tours, and take advantage of the beautiful scenery this region offers. Whether you choose a mountain lodge or a treehouse, these scenic accommodations will provide a serene, peaceful setting for your bachelorette party, making lasting memories for the bride-to-be and her closest friends.

Dining and Drinking in Asheville

People dining in downtown Asheville

Asheville is renowned for its incredible food and drink scene, offering everything from casual brunch spots to fine dining establishments and lively nightlife options. To make the most of your bachelorette party, we’ve compiled a list of our top recommendations for dining and drinking in Asheville, including a selection of top restaurants, brunch hotspots, and cocktail bars.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner for two or a wild night out, there's the perfect place for the bride-to-be and her friends.

Top Restaurants

Asheville’s diverse culinary scene offers a range of excellent restaurants to suit every palate. Here are some recommendations.

Tupelo Honey: For delicious Southern food, where you can enjoy their famous biscuits and gravy.

Curate: If you’re craving Spanish tapas, providing an immersive dining experience with a lively group setting.

Sunny Point Café: Don’t forget to try the vegetarian and vegan options at this café, known for their amazing food and cozy atmosphere.

In addition to these fantastic eateries, Asheville is also home to award-winning restaurants like Rhubarb, where farm-to-table cuisine takes center stage. For a taste of the Caribbean, Nine Mile serves up generous portions of flavorful dishes, making it a great destination for a memorable bachelorette party meal. No matter your culinary preferences, Asheville’s top restaurants are sure to impress.

Brunch Hotspots

Start your day off right with a visit to one of Asheville’s popular brunch spots. Biscuit Head, famous for its biscuits and drinks, is an excellent choice for a delicious and satisfying breakfast. Another local favorite is the Sunny Point Cafe, known for its delectable menu and charming atmosphere. These brunch hotspots provide the perfect fuel for a day filled with bachelorette party adventures.

As you savor the mouthwatering dishes at these brunch destinations, don’t forget to take in the beautiful scenery surrounding you. With the Blue Ridge Mountains and the French Broad River as your backdrop, it’s easy to see why Asheville is a great destination for bachelorette parties. Enjoy the food, the views, and the company as you prepare for another exciting day in Asheville.

Nightlife and Cocktail Bars

Asheville’s nightlife scene is as diverse and vibrant as its culinary offerings. For a unique experience, head to the Montford Rooftop Bar, where you can sip craft cocktails while taking in breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. If you’re in the mood for live music, Off The Wagon Dueling Piano Bar offers a lively atmosphere and plenty of entertainment.

For those looking to sample Asheville’s renowned craft beer scene, embark on a brewery crawl, visiting local breweries such as Wicked Weed Brewery and the South Slope district, home to several breweries within walking distance. Whether you prefer sour beers or smooth ales, Asheville’s nightlife and cocktail bars provide the perfect opportunity to unwind after a day of bachelorette party fun.

Exciting Activities for Asheville Bachelorette Parties

With so many exciting activities available in Asheville, there’s something to suit every bachelorette party’s interests. From outdoor adventures to relaxation and wellness experiences, and arts, culture, and shopping opportunities, Asheville offers a diverse range of experiences to ensure an unforgettable bachelorette party.

Let’s explore some of the top activity options to make your Asheville bachelorette party one for the books.

Outdoor Adventures

Asheville is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream, with a wide variety of adventure options at your fingertips. Here are some activities you can enjoy:

Hiking on the Blue Ridge Parkway offers the perfect opportunity to explore the great outdoors and discover beautiful waterfalls.

For a thrilling experience, consider ziplining through the treetops.

Tubing down the French Broad River is another excellent choice for bachelorette parties seeking an adrenaline rush.

If you prefer a guided adventure, consider booking a tour with Asheville Wellness Tours, where you can enjoy yoga hikes, paddle boarding, or waterfall tours. These outdoor activities allow you to experience the natural beauty of Asheville and its surroundings while creating lasting memories with your closest friends.

Relaxation and Wellness

For bachelorette parties seeking relaxation and wellness experiences, Asheville has plenty to offer. Indulge in a spa day at the Omni Grove Park Inn, where you can enjoy eucalyptus-infused steam rooms, contrast pools, and inhalation rooms. For a more unique experience, try salt therapy at the Asheville Salt Cave, a holistic treatment designed to reduce inflammation and support the immune system.

Another excellent option for relaxation and wellness is booking a mobile massage or taking a yoga class through Asheville Wellness Tours. These experiences allow you and your bachelorette party to unwind and recharge, ensuring you’re ready for another day of fun and adventure in Asheville.

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Arts, Culture, and Shopping

Asheville’s lively arts scene and quaint mountain town vibe make it an ideal destination for bachelorette parties looking to explore arts, culture, and shopping. The River Arts District is home to numerous art galleries, studios, and workshops, providing a unique opportunity to discover local artists and their creations. For a laugh-filled experience, consider booking a tour with LaZoom Tours, where you’ll enjoy a mix of history, comedy, and fun.

Downtown Asheville is a shopper’s paradise, with an array of unique boutiques, vintage clothing stores, and artisan shops. Spend an afternoon browsing the diverse shopping options, and be sure to pick up a souvenir or two to remember your unforgettable Asheville bachelorette party.

Sample 3-Day Asheville Bachelorette Party Itinerary

To help you plan your perfect Asheville bachelorette party, we’ve put together a sample 3-day itinerary that includes arrival, activities, dining, and nightlife suggestions. This itinerary is designed to give you a taste of everything Asheville has to offer, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for the bride-to-be and her besties.

From outdoor adventures to craft beer tastings, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Day 1

On your first day in Asheville, you can:

Check into your accommodations

Explore downtown and browse through the unique shops, galleries, and boutiques

Grab a bite to eat at one of the many fantastic restaurants like Curate, a popular Spanish tapas spot

In the evening, kick off your bachelorette party with a visit to Sierra Nevada, a branch of the main Sierra Nevada brewery in California, where you can enjoy great ambiance, amazing food, and craft beer in a group setting.

After dinner, head to 5 Walnut Wine Bar for a relaxed, intimate atmosphere where you can sip on delicious wines and enjoy the company of your closest friends. This cozy wine bar is the perfect way to wind down after your first day in Asheville, setting the tone for the rest of your unforgettable bachelorette party weekend.

Day 2

Start your second day in Asheville with a delicious brunch at one of the popular spots mentioned earlier, such as Biscuit Head or Sunny Point Café. After fueling up, embark on an outdoor adventure or wellness activity of your choice, such as a yoga hike or paddleboarding through Asheville Wellness Tours. These experiences allow you to experience the natural beauty of Asheville while bonding with your bachelorette party crew.

In the evening, opt for a brewery crawl, visiting local breweries like Wicked Weed Brewery and the South Slope district, or indulge in a spa experience at the Omni Grove Park Inn. Whether you choose to explore Asheville’s craft beer scene or unwind with spa treatments, your second day in Asheville will be filled with unforgettable memories.


Day 3

On your third day in Asheville, immerse yourself in the city’s arts and culture scene. Here are some activities to consider.

Visit the River Arts District

Explore the Biltmore Estate

Indulge in some retail therapy at one of the many downtown boutiques

Consider booking a tour with LaZoom Tours, where you’ll enjoy a mix of history, comedy, and fun

End your Asheville bachelorette party on a high note with a memorable dinner at a top-rated restaurant like Rhubarb, a farm-to-table dining experience that showcases Asheville’s culinary prowess. As you raise a toast to the bride-to-be and reflect on your incredible weekend in Asheville, you’ll leave with cherished memories, stronger friendships, and a newfound love for this charming mountain town.

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Asheville offers a diverse range of experiences for an unforgettable bachelorette party, from trendy downtown stays to scenic mountain getaways. With its incredible food and drink scene, adventurous outdoor activities, and relaxing wellness experiences, Asheville has something for every bachelorette party. This charming mountain town, nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is the perfect destination for a memorable and enjoyable bachelorette party experience.

So gather your besties, pack your bags, and embark on an amazing Asheville bachelorette party adventure. With its stunning natural beauty, lively arts and culture scene, and unforgettable experiences, Asheville is waiting to help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of year to visit Asheville for a bachelorette party?

For a fun bachelorette party, head to Asheville in fall or summer - September to October and July to August - for the best time. The city is full of activities, from outdoor adventures to brewery tours. There are plenty of places to stay, from cozy cabins to luxury hotels. And the food scene is top-notch, with a variety of restaurants to choose from.

What are some unique accommodations for bachelorette parties in Asheville?

For a unique bachelorette party, why not try Dome & Tree House Glamping, luxury vacation rentals, or even the Omni Grove Park Inn? Each of these will provide you and your friends with an unforgettable experience.

For a scrumptious brunch, try Biscuit Head or Sunny Point Café. Both are popular spots in Asheville.

What outdoor adventure options are available for bachelorette parties in Asheville?

Bachelorette parties in Asheville can enjoy a range of outdoor adventures such as hiking, ziplining, tubing, and waterfall tours.

These activities are perfect for a fun and memorable day out with friends. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling adventure or a relaxing day in nature, Asheville has something for everyone.

What nightlife and cocktail bar options are there in Asheville?

Asheville has some great nightlife and cocktail bar options to choose from, such as Montford Rooftop Bar, Off The Wagon Dueling Piano Bar, and Wicked Weed Brewery.

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